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The Internet has definitely changed the way we store our files. Gone are the days where we have no choice but to store our files on physical hard drives, and other storage devices. Now, everything can be uploaded online. If we’ll talk about some of the best file hosting providers out there, and OneDrive are some of the most popular ones.

Are they the same, or do they differ? That’s why we have decided to help you out as we discuss the similarities and differences between and One Drive.

What Is

For starters, is a cloud storage service provider based in Scotland. It has the ability to handle massive uploads and downloads at a higher speed, and rest assured that it’s 100% secured. You could also opt for a premium account where you’ll be able to enjoy a number of benefits.

Perhaps, one of the most notable things about would be their account offerings. They offer two types of account that users can choose from– free and premium. With a free account, you wouldn’t worry about paying anything at all, but you also have to be aware that the features would be somewhat limited. One of which is that, the download speed would be rather slow. Likewise, in terms of maximum parallel downloads, only one is allowed per day, and there’s also a download restriction of 1 file per 120 minutes, or 2 hours. On the other hand, with a premium account, you’ll be welcomed with a lot of benefits. There won’t be any restrictions, and you can even perform direct/hot linking. Aside from that, there’s also no downtime, enjoy instant downloads, use accelerators, and best of all, you can easily resume downloads whenever you want.

What Is OneDrive?

The best way to describe OneDrive is that it’s a Microsoft product specifically designed to take a part of the cloud storage market. In terms of privacy settings, it’s a little sketchy as you have to be connected to the PRISM project as well. In terms of security features, it’s regularly updated, however, it doesn’t really match up with other secured storage providers available in the market.

On the other hand, in terms of productivity and collaboration, it definitely takes the center stage. No wonder why more and more people are considering using their service. It is capable of connecting with other Microsoft products, ranging from Outlook, Office Online, Skype, and many more. Experts also believe that it’s more than just a cloud storage meant for collaboration. It’s something that’s ideal for both business and personal use.

Final Verdict: Which Is Better

In terms of productivity, OneDrive definitely offers the best service imaginable– this holds true for both collaboration and speed. It could also connect to various Microsoft apps which could be very useful for a business. With Office 365, there are plenty of premium plans you can choose from, which makes it ideal for different kinds of users.

Of course, also has something great to offer. Plenty of its users have praised its security, and remarkable features. No wonder why it’s one of the best data storage out there.

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